Saturday, October 10, 2009

My friend Carolyn's fan art

I put that kickass G.G. King live show taped by James Joyce on my friend Carolyn's Zune, and she insisted on making artwork. Her goal is to have artwork for all of her albums on her Zune. So, an hour later, we ended up with this masterpiece.


Bev said...

Sweet. It's like a cross between the good ponies and the bad ponies from the My Little Pony movie.

CV said...

ha ha, I wound up using it on my Zune as well. Plus this is literally the first I've heard of anyone else OWNING a Zune

caro rae said...

Thanks you guys.

It really wasn't hard to make, since it was all done in photoshop and I pretty much stole other art. I just googled pictures and had's all because of my crazy new obsession where I have to have all of the art/album covers for each album or artist. It was either make something or delete the album, which I definitely wasn't going to do. It's my goal and i'm trying hard to accomplish, and since there wasn't one for this album, this now exists. Funny how inane tasks create colorful art. :)

Truthfully, it's not the only album cover I've made as fan art, though. I use to know this band called Someone's Hero based out of So Cal, and they sent me a demo for their CD, and I made art for them and sent it back. The guitarist was thrilled, so there is some artwork of mine floating around the punk scene of Southern California. Strange how small the world is sometimes. It was kind of like The Postal Service, but with cover art. Anyways, I'm glad everyone has liked it. Come say hi to me next time I'm at a show. :)

Oh, about the zune? I am a p.c.