Thursday, October 29, 2009


I've referenced Adrian Barrera (The Hiss, Gentleman Jesse, Barreracudas, Stolen Hearts) and his panda a few times lately, so it's time to introduce you all to Atlanta's most famous wintertime fashion accessory.In this close-up, it looks like the other pin is his comic book thought bubble and he's thinking about the time he ravaged Teen Wolf.
Here he is in his natural habitat: the local punk rock show. In this instance, he's at The Star Bar.
He also took the stage, serving as the unofficial Stolen Hearts mascot.
We all need one of these pins, or at least a fuzzy keychain that can hang with the panda.
The panda wrangles in the ladies. You can't deny it.

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Bittercup said...

my owl/cat keychain is married to the panda, just to clarify!