Sunday, October 11, 2009

SIDS makes indie and dance music interesting and exciting

Artist: SIDS
Title: Kandy Kane
Label: Army of Bad Luck, Stickfigure Distro
Release date: It was recorded in 2005
Vinyl color: White
Release Number: ABL004/STICK.14v

Deerhunter member Josh Fauver sent me some records not too long ago, and in the package was this, a repress of his band SIDS' delightful Kandy Kane 7".

We've been spoiled by good side projects over the years (Gaye Blades, The Spooks, Atlas Sound, Lotus Plaza, Gentleman Jesse), and SIDS is no exception.

This release features three experimental songs that would not sound out of place alongside Derek Lyn Plastic and The Spits when it comes time to make a soundtrack for the apocalypse. That's not to say SIDS sounds like DLP or The Spits. This isn't quite punk rock, but if you like punk you'll dig the anger and creativity that goes into these songs.

"Kandy Kane" is dance music on speed, and it is followed by "Moira Mathematics," which sounds like the band broke into an old theater and made use of an one of those organs that rises up out of the stage. The flipside, "Space Manger in a Ranger," has the best title of any song ever released by an Atlanta band. It sounds pretty good, too, as The Coathangers are not the only band from our neck of the woods capable of making indie and dance music sound interesting and exciting.

I've only seen this band live once, and that was when they opened for The Slits and The Apes back in 2006. They played out in the crowd at The Drunken Unicorn and really set the stage for a good night of music that does not fit any mold (The Apes have no bassist and The Slits, well, you know how they sound).

If SIDS still plays shows, they should hook up with Army of Bad Luck labelmates Facehugger. That would definitely make for an insane show.

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