Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Split 7" features a solid track from Jacuzzi Boys, Woven Bones

Artist: The Jacuzzi Boys/Woven Bones
Title: The Countess/Grown Crazy split
Label: Needless Recs
Release date: 2009
Release number: NLR1

This, the first release by Needless Recs, features a solid track each from Florida's Jacuzzi Boys and Texas' Woven Bones.

On The Jacuzzi Boys side, Gabriel and the boys prove again they've figured out a way to record mellow, psychedelic music for those of us with 3-minute attention spans. This song is simulataneously pretty and grimy. It's well-written yet it sounds like it came right out of a Florida swamp.

Woven Bones are a favorite of mine, and their bluesy take on shoegazing is also very Southern. "Grown Crazy", guitar solo and all, captures this. While we're talking about this song, isn't "Grown Crazy" a song title made to go on the back of someone's jacket? Wouldn't it be sweet to walk around campus with that phrase on your back? Too bad I suck at arts and crafts.

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