Sunday, October 4, 2009

Week old news: Kid Congo Powers conquers L5P

Last weekend, the legendary Kid Congo Powers put on two jaw-dropping performances in Little 5.

Early Saturday afternoon, the Kid and his Pink Monkey Birds played a fun, brief set in Criminal Records. They played their own material, a cover of The Cramps' "Goo Goo Muck," and a song so new Powers had to read the lyrics off a piece of notebook paper. He apparently will have a string new and likely kickass 7"s next year released by In The Red Records. The set was fun, especially when Powers was pulling shapes and subtly shaking his hips. The guys who had "it" back in the day never really lost "it." Powers proved this, as did The Psychedelic Furs frontman this weekend, but that's another delayed blog post in itself.

Opening for Powers at the Criminal Records show was G.G. King. They got to play for a fairly large audience and broke out a couple of new songs. These guys are always fun, and now that Will Greene is their drummer it always looks like the drum kit is about to fly off stage. He's from the Nate Mitchell School of Drumming, after all.

Those wanting more from Powers got it later that night at The Star Bar, as the band came out in vampire capes and played a longer set of Latin, post-punk, and jazz inspired tunes.

Opening the nightcap was Derek Lyn Plastic doing one of his one-man acoustic sets consisting of old favorites and songs from a couple of upcoming LPs and The Subsonics. The latter is one of the best bands this city has ever produced, so when they play the rare gig it is always a treat. Even if they do sing "Die Bobby Die."

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