Thursday, October 8, 2009

The West Georgian review of The Hussy's latest EP

Artist: The Hussy
Title: Winter Daze
Label: Fistful of Records
Release date: 2009
Release number: afor 015

Madison-based two-piece band The Hussy give notice that yet another solid garage punk band has emerged from Wisconsin with this six-song E.P. released earlier this year by Netherlands’ Fistful of Records.

The band features Bobby on guitar and Heather on drums, and they share vocals. There are several ways to capitalize on having a male and female singer in the same band, and The Hussy do them all, from harmonies to call and response to classic-sounding female backup vocals.

They get to play shows and chill with 7 Inch Atlanta favorites from Wisconsin like Plexi 3, The International Datelines, The Goodnight Loving and The Flips. Those bands are all from Milwaukee, which scene-wise is almost as awesome as Brooklyn and “pretend New York,” a.k.a. Atlanta.

The A-side features three songs already released in rawer form on a demo tape that was released last year.

The best track is "One Time," as Bobby, their guitarist, sings the verses and drummer Heather joins in on the choruses of this fast-paced tune that sounds like a really good Kill Rock Stars release. Maybe that's why this was picked last October by Riot Grrrl legend and Kill Rock Stars boss Tobi Vail as her "demo of the week."

It is followed by “Herbie,” which is sung primarily by Heather. When Heather sings, Bobby usually is relegated to backup vocal duties, and that brings a little B-52s element to the party.

The last song on the A-side, “Drinking Song,” seems to be the most popular with reviewers. It’s a good one, no doubt, as it is hard to go wrong with a cynical take on feeling the need to go out and have a beer just to have a good time and connect with others.

The flipside has three new, upbeat songs on it. “Head Set” is a fast punk tune that utilizes the call and response method of mixing male and female vocals. It also has a sweet-sounding organ part toward the end, which is a nice surprise from a two-piece that normally goes the no frills route when it comes to garage punk.

“Winter Daze” may be Bobby’s best vocal performance to date, and it is fitting to listen to a song that references the changing of the seasons now as it finally is denim jacket and scarf wearing time.

“Turkey” closes this release with some upbeat, pop-influenced thrashing. It’s probably the third best punk song with “turkey” in its title, and there is no shame in taking a backseat to Mika Miko, one of the best bands going today, and The Damned, one of the best ever.

This is an exciting young group worthy of bringing fresh new sounds to your record collection. They are also a group needing to come to Atlanta soon, preferably with one of the before-mentioned Milwaukee bands.

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