Friday, November 13, 2009

This will conquer you

Artist: The Goodnight Loving
Title: Nothing Conquers Us 7"
Label: Dirtnap Records
Release date: October 2009
Vinyl color: Some copies are gold

Milwaukee's The Goodnight Loving have put out two more well-crafted, punk and country influenced indie rock songs on this, their Dirtnap Records debut.

The title track is called "Nothing Conquers Us", though early verses say, "You conquered me." The amesome irony of perception versus reality makes for good songwriting fodder, doesn't it? The late decade trend of bringing country and western influence to the table (see Those Darlins, The Weight, etc.) is present in spades here, and The Goodnight Loving have proven again to be among the kings of incorporating that style into punk-inspired indie rock.

Isn't it somehow rewarding to pick up a single, give it a couple of spins, and then decide the b-side is better than the title track? Well, that's the case here, as "Scary Bad" is a nice 60's rock and modern garage fusion that is way different from the usual The Goodnight Loving song. It's easy to imagine the guys listening to both the Nuggets compilation and a King Khan and BBQ Show LP in their rehearsal space and then feeling instantly inspired to knock out this gem.

The 7" comes with a download coupon (another late-decade fad some local labels should follow) so you can hear these tunes in the car or on your MP3 player. If downloading what you expect to just be two songs seems to take forever, that would be because the download comes with a surprise. It's a video showing footage of the guys on tour with cheap beer, desserts, flaming shots, and other road life delicacies as both songs play in the background. If you like these guys enough to pay $5+ for these two songs, then you are guaranteed to dig the surprise video.

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