Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Biters go acoustic, and so does a country songwriter

The Biters played their second show to date last Thursday at The Star Bar, but it was not what anyone expected.

With Joey in a Marietta jail cell, the guys had no drummer, but they filled their commitment by playing an acoustic set. It was way cooler than most probably expected, as Tuk, Josh, and Matt Gabbs can all play and sing. They broke out several of the new Biters songs and even performed "Metal Guru".

Playing acoustic must be nerve racking, whether you are in the Biters, Gentleman Jesse, or DLP, but the guys came through with a strong performance that led into another acoustic set.

They were followed by Southern songbird Cary Ann Hearst. I can't say I expected to enjoy her set, but I also can't say it was not fantastic. Hearst is a talented singer and songwriter from nearby South Carolina, and she even treated us to a Patsy Cline cover. It strangely was the perfect follow-up to The Biters unplugged.

The Judies seemed to be the band everyone at this "Big Trouble in Little 5" show came to see, as they had everyone dancing. Warren, the band's frontman and part-time guitarist and organ player, is a hell of a showman and he's mega-talented to boot. Actually, everyone in the band has talent in spades, even if I overheard someone in the crowd say they were dressed like librarians. The mock Bowie vocals may not appeal to everyone, but even the biggest cynic has to tap his feet to some of The Judies' tunes.

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