Monday, November 2, 2009

Check out The Girls At Dawn before folks find out what they've been missing

Artist: The Girls At Dawn
Title: "Never Enough" b/w "Every Night"
Label: Hozac Records
Release date: Fall 2009
Release number: HZR-043

Brooklyn-based trio The Girls At Dawn effectively mix 60's girl group influences with newer sounds like punk and indie rock, as evidenced by their Hozac Records debut.

The band has local appeal, as they feature longtime Atlantan and former Knife and the 4th Ward Daggers bass player Sarah Baldwin.

The a-side, "Never Enough", mixes pop hooks and girl group harmonies with guitar fuzz and what sounds like an old cathedral organ. This is what Marine Girls and Dolly Mixture might have sounded like if they had been around after shoegazing became a musical fad in the UK.

"Every Night" begins with studio chatter, but it quickly transports listeners to the same dream world often visited by Dum Dum Girls. The haunting melodies and distorted backup vocals make this one less catchy than the a-side, but of the two songs this one is most likely to get stuck in your head. There are also riffs in this one that definitely were lifted from 1977 punk rock.

Let's get the obvious Vivian Girls comparison out of the way. Do Girls At Dawn sound like them? Not really, though it would be fair to assume both trios have comparable record collections. They are more like the before-mentioned Dum Dum Girls, minus the dreary outlook on life.

Get this one from Hozac before the rest of the garage punk world realizes what they are missing.