Thursday, November 12, 2009

Girls At Dawn have already matched solid Hozac debut

Artist: The Girls At Dawn
Title: Self-titled EP
Label: Captured Tracks
Release date: November 2009

The Girls At Dawn are wasting no time when it comes to cranking out quality records, as their second release has already hit the streets courtesy of Brooklyn's Captured Tracks records.

"The Only Time" picks up where the band's debut Hozac single left off, as it features more catchy girl group harmonies and fuzzy punk riffs. It is followed by a heavier 60's inspired tune, "Tomorrow Will Be Yesterday", which in a positive way sounds a lot like The Vivian Girls (who of course have ascended past the "7 Inch Atlanta favorites" label and are now a sacred cow around these parts).

The second half of the EP keeps the dancing tamborine shaking going with "Surprise!", which is the band's take on the traditional verse-chorus-verse pop song, and the call-and-response vocals toward the end of the song are instant magic.

The girls saved their best to date for last, as "I Am Not Sad" is two and a half minutes of everything that's great about this band, from the beautiful harmonies to the stripped-down 50's rock and roll instrumentation.

Needless to say, this one is well worth the tenner charged by Captured Tracks records.

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