Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Stolen Hearts and The Dating Game at The Star Bar

The Dating Game and Stolen Hearts performance at The Star Bar I hyped up was a blast. I'm not sure if the lingerie show element was a joke of if I missed it because I hung out with friends beforehand.

Two rounds of The Dating Game kicked off the festivities. With Jett as host and six dudes answering questions with the hopes of winning prizes, it was guaranteed to be worth a least a chuckle or two.
The wacky guy shown above with Jayda won the first round, as he was very quick and hilarious. He even outwitted Knife, a funny man in his own right.
Adrian "Panda Bear" Barrera is another wild and crazy guy, and he won the second round.
The Stolen Hearts performed a good set of female-fronted powerpop afterwards.
Ashley has proven she had a hidden talent as a singer all along, and she looks comfortable on stage for someone in her first band.
The same can be said about Rachel, the drummer. When Plexi 3 was in town in May, Wendy Norton raved about how good the Stolen Hearts are and specifically mentioned Rachel's drumming. I'd be willing to call that high praise, wouldn't you?
Hanging backstage with friends may have been the best part of the night, though, as some people really like to show off for the camera.

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