Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dog Food!

The Barreracudas' funniest, silliest, most danceworthy song, "Dog Food", is now available thanks to the folks at Bachelor Records. It looks like they've also got a Pipsqueak 7" waiting in the wings.

Don't forget the Star Bar show tonight, as there will be free pizza, puppets, gifts, Baby Dinosaurs vs. Extinction, Shining Path, and more.


Anonymous said...

Why would any label waste their money putting this crap out? This song sucks. It is about Dog food how elementary come on. My 3 year old kid can come up with better lyrics than that. I am sorry, it is just not vinyl worthy. They should bring The Hiss back, they had a lot better songs.

John Breedlove

Anonymous said...

John, You're an ass.