Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Experimental giants split ABL 7"

Artist: These Are Powers/ The Creeping Nobodies
Title: Split 7"
Label: Army of Bad Luck
Release date: 2008
Release number: ABL011
Vinyl color: Clear

This split between two experimental post-punk mainstays is yet another gem from the Army of Bad Luck back catalog.

These Are Powers are from Brooklyn, the final destination of most Atlanta musicians and the home of The Vivian Girls (saw that reference coming, didn't you?). Their track, "Cockles", is very tribal and is what The Pop Group may have sounded like if they had grown up hearing indie rock and post-punk instead of dub and reggae.

Toronto's The Creeping Nobodies have a tune called "Exult" on the flipside that would not sound out of place on a film soundtrack. The next filmmaker who needs a song to go along with a slow-motion battle scene should seriously contact The Creeping Nobodies about using this experimental and lo-fi yet soothing and theatric song.

The free CD has a mashup between the two songs that is kind of forgettable, unlike the two songs on the vinyl.

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