Friday, December 11, 2009

Predator's debut EP: a blast of three-chord punk rock

Artist: Predator
Title: Predator EP
Label: Rob's House Records
Release date: November 2009
Release number: rhr055

Predator's debut EP is a blast of three-chord punk rock that draws from the same American hardcore and punk influences that guided The Carbonas and Frantic when they first burst on the scene.

The band features Mike (bass) and Brannon (guitar) from Frantic and Beat Beat Beat sharing vocal duties. They are backed by drummer John Necro, who is good enough to play with a bunch of shredding metal dudes but doesn't mind playing back-to-basics punk.

The salvo opens with "Honest Man" and its angst-filled vocals. The flipside features two brief blasts of hardcore in "DLDD" and "No". When I say hardcore, I mean American classics like The Zero Boys, who seemingly influenced half of Atlanta, and Minor Threat. Like those bands, Predator writes solid, straight to the point tunes and lyrics.

I've always tried to decide if Predator is better than Frantic. So far so good based on this EP, but Predator's upcoming LP is going to need to be a scorcher if it is going to top the one released by Brannon and Mike's old band.

A couple of other guys who spent some time in Frantic had a hand in this release, as Greg King designed the artwork and Dave Rahn mastered the recordings.

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