Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sights and sounds from last Wednesday's show at The Highland Inn

Predator has some new songs and has expanded their sound since I last saw them. They are still one of the best punk bands in town, as all of their songs will be lodged in your head for the rest of the night and John Necro is a hell of a drummer.
Mike is one of the most versatile musicians in town, as he is proficient at playing guitar, bass, and drums.
Brannon is another versatile talent, as he sings, writes songs, and plays guitar for Predator.
During the 40 Hells set, G.G. King (minus Will) did a brief photo shoot for a future 7".
Baby Dinosaurs vs. Extinction (minus Hayley and Megan) caught wind of this photo shoot and did their own action pose.

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