Saturday, December 5, 2009

Speaking of modern takes on 60's girl groups

Artist: The Sultanas
Title: "You're The One" b/w "Move On Now"
Label: Boom Boom of Renton
Release date: 2005
Release number: BB45007

While praising Gemini Cricket, I decided to spin something even better: The Sultanas' take on 60's girl groups and underground psyche-rock.

This 2005 release with its black and white cover art and a blank label on the record itself looks thrown together, but it sounds like well-constructed pop music.

Seattle's Renton crew, best known for the Fe Fi Fo Fums, and the prolific Ladd/Blackwell songwriting team wrangled up three girls who can harmonize with the best of them and taught them "You're The One", the American garage-punk answer to Thee Headcoates, and "Move On Now", which is reminiscent of Paul Revere and the Raiders and some of the other more polished and mainstream 60's garage groups.

I'm not sure how easy or hard to find this is, but either way it is worth tracking down.

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