Sunday, January 3, 2010

Another peek at a scene's early days courtesy of Die Slaughterhaus

Artist: VCR (Vice City Rockers)
Title: Self-titled 7"
Label: Die Slaughterhaus Records
Release date: December 2009
Release number: DSH034

First Die Slaughterhaus brought us a glimpse at the origins of the Dunwoody crew that spawned groups like The Black Lips with the Renegades/FAF split. More recently, the label gave us a snapshot of an old Atlanta band with The Wet Dreams' 7". Now we get to hear Vice City Rockers, a mid-2000's New Jersey-area band with ties to LiveFastDie and D.C. Snipers, just to name a couple.

The music is as lo-fi as the picture sleeveless record itself.* The a-side, "Code C", is, according to the band's Myspace, a tale where "a bipolar special education teacher has (a) mental breakdown and students are forced to stay in classrooms until the police subdue her." It's sloppy, drum-heavy garage punk with keyboards lifted from The Spits.

"Strictly Business" sounds like Alvin and the Chipmunks on acid. Wait, no, the a-side is 33 speed and the flipside is 45. Watch out for that, as most records (with the Frantic LP and a few other exceptions) aren't going to sound right at the wrong speed. Duh. Played at the right speed, this is a brief garage rocker that lacks the bizarre charm of "Code C" and will be dismissed by many as a futile attempt to sound like The Black Lips.

The upbeat, mid-tempo "Gamblin' Man" is poppier than the other two songs and it recaptures the the lo-fi radiator music meets equally shitty garage-punk of the a-side.

This one is worth a spin or two, especially the song about a batshit public school teacher. Those were always fun.

* Mark tried to get these guys to send him artwork, but after months of not hearing from them he decided to sell the records without picture sleeves.

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