Wednesday, January 20, 2010

These guys must really like the South

Artist: Rock and Roll Adventure Kids
Title: Hillbilly Psychosis LP/CD
Label: Totally Trash
Release date: 2008

After months of enjoying this release, I'm still not sure if this group of California garage-punks last seen around these parts as Nobunny's backing band are mocking the South or showing some weird sort of reverence toward our region. Either way, this is good rock and roll.

This one starts off strong with a raucous cover of Tamrons' "Wilman" (which has also been covered by genuine Southern boys The Black Lips) and doesn't stop for a breather.

Originals offered by The Rock and Roll Adventure Kids include the scummy surf rock of "Birdy" and the trashy Chuck Berry riffs meets Jerry Lee Lewis' howling found in "Elvis Carborator Blues" and "She Said". Other standouts include "Country Boy" and "Boogie Board", which totally could be on the soundtrack to a dance at a local barn, and the surprisingly slowed down, blues-inspired "Rambling Man".

The real gem, though, is "Panties in My Pocket", which mixes all the before-mentioned influences: the blues, simple rock and roll reminiscent of Chuck Berry, the flamboyance of Jerry Lee Lewis, and a bizarre fixation with Southern stereotypes.

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