Friday, January 8, 2010

Atlanta's favorite French guys

Artist: Crusaders of Love
Title: She's a Rebel 7"
Label: Die Slaughterhaus Records
Release date: 2008
Release number: DSH033

French garage rockers Crusaders of Love are a favorite among Atlanta record labels, as this Die Slaughterhaus gem was released after the band's debut 7" on Danger Records and before the soon to be released Douchemaster LP.

The A-side, "She's a Rebel", tackles a typical songwriting topic with slightly distorted guitars in a song that is going to draw the obvious Black Lips comparisons.

A plethora of 1960's influences come to the forefront on the flipside, "...If You Want To Try". This is an excellent slowed down, slightly bluesy number, even if it fails to reach Coffin Bound levels of awesome.

This, like many brief 7" releases, will leave you wanting more, and an upcoming album that will include a King Louie cover should quench our thirsts until another Atlanta label wants to put out a Crusaders of Love single or album.

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