Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Black X Society's First Annual Report

Two of the region's best barely-legal bands played to a small yet interested crowd Saturday, as Montgomery, Alabama's Shining Path and Atlanta's Balkans shared the Drunken Unicorn stage.

I missed almost all of Teenage Illiterates' opening set, but saw enough of their old-school punk revival take to want to see them perform again.

On second was future In The Red artists Shining Path and their brand of garage-punk. All four teenage members can sing and play bass, guitar, and drums. They somehow manage to put on a good show every time they are in town in spite of equipment issues or fighting (like an obviously staged reaction by one band member to a thrown chicken sandwich). It's the type of chaos I'd imagine you old-timers saw at early Black Lips gigs. Here's a peek at the band doing cool-looking guitar thrusts:

Balkans headlined and wowed a heavily young and female audience with their brand of punked-out surf rock. The last couple of songs, which included the fantastic "Violent Girls", blew me away.

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