Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Booze steal the show

The Booze's return stole the show and packed the house Saturday at the Star Bar. The night also featured out-of-towners Tres Bien and The Greatest Hits and Atlanta's own Biters and Stolen Hearts.

Pennsylvania's Tres Bien opened so The Stolen Hearts wouldn't have to curtain-jerk at their last show. They played 60's inspired pop that is enhanced live by the facial expressions and antics of a very charismatic frontman (seen below). You're doing something right when a basic description of The Hiss suits your band. Bringing Randy Michael on stage during one song and covering a rock and roll standard in "Heatwave" helped their cause, too.

I ended up far away from the stage by the time my Stolen Hearts friends performed swan song, so the best I could do picture-wise is this shitty shot of Greg.

As I told Greg, Michelle, and Rachel (who is leaving us for Austin, Texas in a couple of months), there's only one band in the history of rock and roll that I can say I saw their first and last show. It wasnt' their best show, but their set wasn't out of place on a night full of good rock and roll, either.

Next on deck was Seattle-based powepop band The Greatest Hits. It was my second time seeing them live in Atlanta, the first with Leif Pacemacer on lead guitar. Adding Leif to a band that already had a frontman like Nils Forever makes for a solid glam-powerpop marriage.

Next to last was The Biters, who now are at full-strength with Joey behind the drum kit. Tuk has big goals for this band, and after seeing them live I think he definitely has the right pieces in place. The highlight was bass player Josh David singing Slade's "Squeeze Me, Please Me". The stars did not completely align for the band, as Tuk's vocals could have been cranked up a little louder by the soundman, but they did all they could to properly set the stage for The Booze.

My camera died before the Booze's set, but since it seemed half of Atlanta was crammed in the Star Bar by that hour, I'm guessing you all know what they looked like. Randy Michael is back from London and has reclaimed his place as one of our city's brightest stars. His band is more popular than I ever realized, as lots of folks were singing along with each 1960's brit-pop inspired tune.


オテモヤン said...
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Ryan said...

Any chance you have access to setlists from The Booze's current shows or know someone who does? Saw them in Denver and they were great. (3/14/10 at the Bluebird Theatre) Any help would be appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Ryan, just email them on myspace, they check it on a regular basis. I think they have a day off today and then they play in columbia, missouri so they'd probably have the time to resopnd.

keep it '64