Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A good one for your next summertime playlist

Artist: Japanese Motors
Title: Singlefins and Safety Pins
Label: Die Slaughterhaus Records
Release number: DSH032

Vice Records recording artists Japanese Motors offered a peek at their debut album with their lone Die Slaughterhaus 7".

The band mixes clever lyrics ("It's so hard to be a hippy when you're dressed to kill" is my favorite) and some nifty guitar work to create a California powerpop sound that would make legends like The Nerves and contemporaries like The Pets proud.

The a-side, "Singlefins and Safety Pins", is the kind of song that'll make you long for beaches and babes as you listen to it in your cold bedroom. The vocals early in the song will make you wonder if Jonathan Richman might have been in a band like this one if he'd been born on the West Coast.

Its b-side baby, "Better Trends", is a well-written powerpop song with the same fun-in-the-sun vibe. The best trend would have to be more songs like this one from Costa
Mesa's finest:

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