Friday, January 8, 2010

Guest review of Cole Alexander's Dec. 23 solo gig

My videographer friend, Kevin Borke, already has Coathangers music videos and that fantastic final Rob's House concert DVD under his belt. He can now add 7 Inch Atlanta contributor to his resume, as he sent me the following pictures and show review from Cole Alexander's Dec. 23 solo performance at 529:

With the notion of not being able to attend the New Years Eve Black Lips show I was damn excited to hear of a solo Cole Alexander show pop up. I've always been one to adjust my schedule to accomodate any Black Lips related shows...seen the Gaye Blades countless times, witnessed a couple rare Renegades shows, am well versed in the Spooks and can't even begin to fathom how many times I'd seen the Lips...but a solo Cole show was something completely different. It was my first time setting foot into 529 and the place is another really great venue in Atlanta. I thought we had enough places for bands to play but this is definitely a unique venue to experience given it's intimate and atmospherically welcome aura. In no way can I even begin to give a setlist given the erratic nature of the performance. And this is not to give a negative connotation but it felt much more like a friend playing a rough demo of song ideas, snippets and generally just having a good time playing in a different light. At times it was chaotic and abusive...brief shots of shouts and screams laid over sharp guitar and samples and effects that he kept punching up. At others it was cathartically melodic, one song making me question if he was covering Dylan. Which upon further research I believe was just a the full version of the song Cole plays in this video:

I'd probably guess that he played about 10 "songs" in total...some of them full fleshed out tracks and others shorter bouts of inspiration that's been collecting in his mind. Despite the minimal turnout which was obvioulsy due to an almost strict word of mouth promotion combined with the coldest we've seen Atlanta get all year, I hope this is not the last time Cole plays these types of shows. He's an immensely talented artist and it's very exciting to see his approaches to different types of musical fare that isn't explored in his other projects.


Edward said...

i was sad to find out i missed this show. i guess i need to put your blog on twice a day read.

keep up the good work.

short said...

how did I not know about this? not happy.