Monday, January 4, 2010

More about the Eberbaugh tribute album

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Ben Eberbaugh: A Rockin' Tribute
Label: Die Slaughterhaus Records
Release date: 2003
Release number: DSH004

This tribute album, now available free courtesy of Creative Loafing, captures several bands with local ties before their moments in the sun and includes a cut by J. Mascis and The Fog.

Let's start with the real eye-catcher here, which is Mascis' "See It As Always", a mix of fuzzy guitars and chillingly mellow vocals you'll surely dig if you are into Dinosaur Jr.

Another notable name on this release is Tilly and the Wall, a band with a couple of ties to Dunwoody that got its name known as one of the lead dogs in the Ohama, Nebraska indie scene. Their contribution, "Nights of the Living Dead", is a moving tale about the adolescent years of the Dunwoody kids who later formed bands like Tilly and the Wall, Rump Posse (who are on this compilation), The Black Lips, and several others.

Early Black Lips, Bradford Cox, and Carbonas tracks are also on this comp, as well as The Lids' fantastic "Too Late". The latter was the last recording Ben played on.

This audio history lesson also includes early recordings by Jack Hines (with FAF), Eberbaugh (The Blastoffs), and Gentleman Jesse Smith (Some Soviet Station). The Blastoffs song is great, as it begins as if it is going to be mock-Oi, but turns out to be a solid pop-inspired punk tune.

I've never heard of The Robins, but "Put That Pizza in the Woods" is nonsensical, hardcore fun and should be covered by Pizza Party.

If none of that tickles your fancy, there is plenty of other variety here, like the tracks by Athens' post-grunge champions Jet By Day and mellow kiwi-pop masters Tabitha.

There's some good stuff here, and it's free.

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Adam said...

Tabitha includes lead vocals from Julie Hines (Wet Dreams & K Holes). The Kiwis song features Jack Hines (2nd guitarist for Black Lips). Derek and Nick from Tilly were in The Kiwis for a while as well.