Friday, January 8, 2010

Pleasure Cruise in full force paired with Facehugger v. 1.0

Artist: Pleasure Cruise/ Facehugger
Title: Split 7"
Label: Army of Bad Luck
Release date: September 2009
Release number: ABL-016
Vinyl color: Blue

Two local post-punk bands teamed up for this solid release that captures one band in full stride and the other in the first of many experimental phases.

The Pleasure Cruise side is the highlight here, as they offer up a couple of sleazy, sexy dance tunes about cultural decadence. Both "Anna Nicole" and the superb "Pussy Disaster" utilize electronics and sampling to the point that when Pleasure Cruise's Ross and Sunni play live, it is more about the playlist than the setlist.

Sometimes, a 7" is a sign of things to come and gets fans excited about potential future releases. Predator's recent debut release is a perfect example of this. Other 7"s, like Die Slaughterhaus' recent Wet Dreams and VCR releases, are a snapshot of a time that has already passed.

The Facehugger side is the latter, as it captures the original three-piece lineup with guitarist Paul Harper (Deerhunter), keyboard player and percussionist David Spence (Derek Lyn Plastic), and singer and guitarist John Hannah. The band has since added a couple of members and subtracted John, whose mock Ian Curtis seizures on stage will be surely missed by fans and confused barflys. The ever-changing sound of Facehugger is part of what makes them exciting, but if you preferred the early days, this release is for you.

The electronic-goth sounds of "Missed Connections" is followed by the more memorable guitar and drum machine battle that is "The Madman". The best early Facehugger song, though, may be "Through The Airvents", which is relegated to the free CDR that includes two extra Facehugger songs and three additional Pleasure Cruise tunes (including a must-hear called "Kinky Business").

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