Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Remembering Jay Reatard

When I did that thesis project interview with former Lids bassist and Die Slaughterhaus Records boss Mark Naumann in mid-December, we talked a good bit about his former roommate, Jay Reatard. Jay was drummer for The Lids on their last tour and, according to Mark, he handled the money side of things for both The Lids and Final Solutions and gave each band member a $5 per day stipend. It was kind of funny to hear Mark describe how he and B. Jay would spend most of theirs on cigarettes and would eat crackers when necessary while Jay and Alix Brown would always seem to be chowing down in the back of the van.

Though I had seen Jay live a time or two beforehand, the only time I properly met him was at Warren and Jayda's place after the show he did at Lenny's last Spring. I'll always remember him and Gentleman Jesse Smith urinating on a random wall and Jay suddenly saying, "Dude, don't piss on that cat". That's probably a you had to be there story, but I thought it was funny.

R.I.P. Jay Reatard. I'll be thinking about those of you who got to know him during his stay in Atlanta.


alix said...

Me and Jay didn't exactly have a lot of money back then either. Times were tough. We would just rather eat than waste our money smoking cigarettes. Considering the van broke down on that tour, and we weren't making SHIT money, a $5 per diem was good I thought!! I think there's a lot more you could say than that. Maybe you should ask more people from Atlanta that have some better memories, like uh, me?

7inchatlanta said...

Fair enough. I'm trying to interview as many people from Atlanta (or with ties to Atlanta) as I can for a project I'm doing. That way, in the future I won't just be paraphrasing one side of the story.

If you'd like to contribute to my project, that'd be great. If not, I wasn't trying to paint the wrong picture of you, Jay, or anyone else.

Anonymous said...

Haha or me. I was in between the cigarettes and chili dogs next to the hot teacher! Very great memories looking back :)
~ michelle