Sunday, February 21, 2010

Atlanta's original G.G.

Artist: G.G. Allin and the Southern Baptists
Title: "Look Into My Eyes And Hate Me" b/w "Hotel Clermont"
Label: Railroad Records
Release date: 1993
Vinyl color: Red

Here's a neat little sidenote in Atlanta punk history: G.G. Allin was briefly in a local band.

When The Murder Junkies abandoned Allin in Atlanta, he started staying at The Clermont Lounge and hooked up with some local musicians, including local engineer extraordinaire Jeff Bakos, for this release.

The a-side is typical latter-day Allin, with dark lyrics that should have taught local metalheads a thing or two and gruff, growling vocals that should have pleased what was then a booming local skinhead scene.

The flipside, "Hotel Clermont", is about you-know-where, the original Atlanta G.G.'s temporary home. He apparently even dated one of the strippers. Sadly, the backstory is way more interesting than the song, as it rips off slow-driving, southern-fried metal.

Looking at the liner notes can quickly tell you how Atlanta has changed since 1993, as Allin (whose mailing address is a prison in Mississippi) gives a special thanks to now defunct Music Midtown and the now shitty Masquerade.

This record is an easy find, as there's a whole stack of them in that seldomly open Rock Star Boutique place in East Atlanta. The single goes for only $2 there, so it's worth picking up because of the cool backstory and the listenable a-side.

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