Thursday, February 18, 2010

Facehugger is reborn tonight at 529

Facehugger is reborn once again and will headline a pretty good show tonight at 529. Not sure what to expect from version 3.2 of this band? Same here, but finding out what they have to offer without vocalist John Hannah in the fold might be worth the $3-5 for admission.

Also performing are the Nomen Novum, whose Paradises LP is critically acclaimed. They also have a newish EP that can be downloaded for free here. Based on the freebie, this band offers beautiful tropical music with lots of vocal and running water samples (don't listen to this if you have to piss).

Also on the bill are The Back Pockets, a local collective featuring the talents of Spooks drummer Adam Bruneau. Here's a short documentary about the band's visit to Chicago:

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