Thursday, February 4, 2010

Newz for the Week!

* I guess it's not too soon to let this cat out the bag: I'm getting a radio show, and this time it won't just be a one-off thing. It's going to be with the University of West Georgia's new student-ran online station, The Wolf. I'm going to be able to play vinyl, so there's even more incentive now for folks to send records my way. I'll let everyone know the launch date for the show as soon as it is announced.

* According to The Atlanta Mess-Around's Facebook page: "If you're coming from out of town please go to They're giving 10% off rooms if you say Mess Around to them. They're our sponsor and we love them!" That's good news for all the out-of-towners who want to be part of this huge weekend of live music.

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