Monday, February 8, 2010

Slumber party girl pop from Florida

Artist: Garbo's Daughter
Title: Goes Pop! cassette
Label: Burger Records
Release date: Late 2009
Release number: BRGR-022

Florida-based trio Garbo's Daughter is yet another band that shares my love for 1960's girl groups and Phil Spector (before he shot The Barbarian Queen), as evidenced by their debut four song cassette tape.

The opener, "Private Party," is fun and cute dance pop that will remind you of those big sister slumber party scenes you used to see in movies. It is followed by the delightful "He Makes My Heart Go POP!" which is, as you can probably figure out, a sugary pop 1960's throwback about a boy, complete with an opening sample from some film or TV show that promises the hottest thing since Cher began her solo career.

The last half of this cassette-only EP begins with Spectoresque original "I Only Have Eyes For You" and a cover of the Spector-pinned Crystals classic, "Oh Yeah, Maybe Baby". Both songs are good ones, even if they lack the charm and danceability of the first two tracks.

While The Booze see no point in improving on the near-flawless sounds of the 60's that arrived on our shores from the U.K., these girls are clearly content with celebrating American-bred acts from that decade without adding anything new to the mix. Garbo's Daughter is as good as anyone, including The Flips, when it comes to paying tribute to their pop idols.

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