Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Steve goes solo while The Disco Lepers charm your pants off

Artist: The Cute Lepers, The Lurching Leper, and The Disco Lepers
Title: Join The Lepers Again
Label: No Front Teeth
Release Date: 2009
Vinyl color: Red

Here's a neat record featuring The Cute Lepers, Steve E. Nix flying solo as The Lurching Leper, and London's charmingly disgusting Disco Lepers.

As expected, the Cute Lepers song is this single's highpoint. "Young Hearts", a touching ode to those of you who work your asses off for your band and are still broke, is everything we have grown to expect from Steve E. Nix and friends, as it features mighty powerpop riffs and catchy female backup vocals.

It is followed by Steve's solo flight at The Lurching Leper, "Death By Magazine", which comes across as nothing more than a bedroom recording by someone who usually performs with polished, mallpunk-worthy units like The Briefs and Cute Lepers. That being said, the lyrics are pretty cool, as Steve attacks mainstream magazines for the role they play in ruining the self-esteem of some young people.

The Disco Lepers' side is nonsensical, slightly annoying, and disgusting punk songs with titles like "Epileptic Sex", "I Was a Hemophiliac Blood Donor", Nazi Tampons", and the especially offensive "I'm Carcogenic". I already warned you that these guys are charming. The real highlight is "Teenage Menopause", as it seamlessly mixes the pop-based, Chuck Berry ripping sounds of classic London punk with the twisted lyrics of G.G. Allin. Don't even pretend like "No fear of pregnancy, she had a historectomy" is not disturbingly clever.

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