Sunday, February 28, 2010

Why my show going ways have declined

It's probably weird that I'd even miss The Coathangers, but my oral history project takes up a lot of my recreation time. Josh Fauver (above) from Deerhunter, SIDs, and Army of Bad Luck Records was my most recent narrator, as we met Saturday at San Francisco Coffee to talk about Atlanta music, Poison and Nirvana's wardrobes, and the festival circuit.

Two months into this project, I've interviewed Mark Naumann at New Street while The Black Lips worked on their new album in the next room; chatted with Chris Van Etten in The Coathangers' practice space, which means we were surrounded by stuffed animals and a Britney Spears poster; and watched mustachioed cyclists and grown-up goth chicks go in and out of a coffee shop while Josh shared memories about his music career.


CV said...

No shit was touched.

7inchatlanta said...

Haha disclaimer (assuming that was meant to be a joke)