Thursday, March 18, 2010

The 7" Atlanta mascot, perhaps?

Befriend this guy! I figure I might get confused with him by someone at some point, so it is in my best interest to find him some fans. (For random people arriving via a Google Search for "Bukkake parties Atlanta" and "What does 7 inches look like" (this site really has been accessed from Google via those search terms), the unfunny joke here is my name is Bobby Moore).

If Bobby Moore: Elvis Impersonator has a shitload of fans, then people who confuse him with me will think the blog, radio show, thesis project, future band, etc. are all popular and therefore should be embraced and loved.

If he doesn't get more than 14 fans, then the best I can hope for is sympathy when people think grad school has aged my appearance by a couple of decades.

B-b-b-bobby knows best!

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