Monday, March 1, 2010

Everything well-aged is new again

One thing I learned Saturday from Josh Fauver is that the CDs that come with a couple of Army of Bad Luck releases are enhanced and contain more than lossy digital tracks.

The SIDS "Kandy Kane" 7" features some fun and bizarre pictures, like these:

They apparently made a stop at my birthplace, Rome, Georgia, when the band was still active. Talk about taking civilization to the barbarians.*

The free CD that came with Finally Punk's Casual Goths LP is also enhanced. It features videos ranging from clips of the girls playing a show on a bus to clips of them tasting wine, skinny dipping, and walking a cat on a leash.

I'm probably the only one who hadn't figured out that these releases include bonus content. Still, this is cool stuff.

* Just kidding.

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