Monday, March 1, 2010

The first Atlanta punk music video? Plus random musings about Standard Deviations

Whether The Restraints was the first Atlanta punk band is up for debate, but I'd be willing to say this is the first Atlanta punk music video. Lead singer Chris Wood was a small yet larger than life man who brought over the top antics to Atlanta stages long before the Renegades/Black Lips and friends. This ain't quite Neon Christ or Anti-Heros, or even DDT for that matter, but it's still exciting to see how things looked and hear how things sounded on the ground level.

Here's a slightly more exciting live clip from what I am willing to assume is the release party for 1980's Standard Deviations compilation of early Atlanta punk bands that featured The Restraints, Swimming Pool Qs, KAO4S, The Basics (who rock), Operator, and No Exit. There are still sealed copies of this compilation at Wax N' Facts, or at least there were a few late last year. You'll have to ask for it if you're interested because they keep them upstairs.

I've got to read and write about early Atlanta punk for a chapter of my thesis, so I'll post stuff like a Standard Deviations review if anyone is interested in knowing more about these bands.

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Maile said...

This is Fantastic! I am a costume design graduate student in Athens, and am also writing a paper on Atlanta Punk (although it focuses on clothing trends within the Atlanta Punk scene). Have you been able to get a hold of any copies of Lowlife?