Sunday, March 14, 2010

Girls At Dawn, Predator kick off their mini-tour in style

Predator, who I am starting to consider the best Atlanta band that still plays most of their shows in town, and Brooklyn's Girls At Dawn kicked off a short trek to SXSW Thursday at 529 with a fun show that was packed though Leatherface was playing elsewhere in town.

I was really excited about seeing The Girls At Dawn and their garage punk take on the timeless girl group formula. They did not let me down, as they put on a good set anchored by the tracks we all know from their first two releases and some similar-sounding new songs. Here's one of those songs we all know from the band's Hozac debut, though honestly the one song I filmed was the weakest of the night.

Most of us know drummer Sarah Baldwin from her days as an Atlantan. Her bandmates are Ana Economu, the daughter of one of The Effegies:
That probably makes some of you record-collector dudes feel old.

The third TGAD member is Erin Campbell:
Hurry back to Atlanta, girls.

Though Worn in Red and Dinosaur Feathers also performed Wednesday, I'm going to skip ahead and talk about Predator. I think I've drilled home the point by now that they are consistently awesome, and Atlanta is starting to take notice based on the sizable crowd that stuck around all night.

My only complaint is that Predator as headliner means there sometimes will be a few stray, drunk jocks in the crowd swinging elbows and basically proving that agressive music can bring out the worst in some people. This is not the 1980's and shows are about having fun with friends and getting drunk. Keep your macho bullshit to yourself, especially nowadays when there are more girls front and center at shows than there would have been in the dumb ole days.

I'm not trying to be a wet blanket. as I know that slamming or moshing or whatever you want to call it can be fun when my glasses are tucked away in a safe place, but some people don't understand how to feed off a band's energy without being dicks in the process.

Now that I'm off my soapbox, I'm going to wish Predator luck in Austin. Rock their faces off, Mike.

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