Saturday, March 27, 2010

It's a little late in the ballgame to be announcing this...

but this is going on at The Drunken Unicorn in a few hours:
Tonight is a Double Reunion / Benefit show for Gavin C Frederick featuring The Hal Al Shedad (featuring James Joyce of Noot D'Noot and Judi Chicago), Some Soviet Station (featuring Jesse Smith of Gentleman Jesse and His Men) and Rizzudo (who also will be performing Plexorjet songs!)

I doubt I'll go, as I am backstage right now at the King Khan and the Shrines/Fresh and Onlys/G.G. King show waiting for Will Greene to finish his soundcheck so we can continue our oral interview. So far, I've learned that Will as a teenager was in a band with the guy who does Homestar Runner.

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