Thursday, March 18, 2010

More lightning from Useless Eaters' bottle

Artist: Useless Eaters
Title: Sucked In
Label: Goner Records
Release date: 2009

Memphis' youngest and brightest star, Seth Sutton, shines on this release by the city's most ballyhooed label.

The A-side, "Sucked In", is a Killed By Death style punk stomper with traces of surf guitar and ranted yet creative lyrics. This, like "Hear/See", sounds like it could have been written and recorded by someone who could have opened for The Germs or Screamers, though Sutton was not even alive when those bands were scaring the shit out of the West Coast.

The main difference between "Sucked In" and "Hear/See" is the Goner single has better B-sides than Sutton's Shattered Records release. Both songs tackle pretty standard punk song topics without sounding like something you have heard way too many times. "Malfunction" is the newest in a long line of quality punk songs about mindless drones. "My Help" is about clingly acquaintances, and when Sutton says "That's right" at the end of the chorus, he kind of sounds like his old bass player, Jay Reatard.

Sutton really has lightning in a bottle with this band. Anyone who can consistently be minimalist without sounding like shit, write angry songs without being shouty, and experiment in the bedroom (so to speak) without fucking up his sound has lightning in a bottle. I don't want to call him the next Spits or Jay Reatard, but young Mr. Sutton certainly has all the tools to become a modern garage-punk mainstay.

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