Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A nod to simpler times

Artist: Vivian Girls
Title: My Love Will Follow Me
Label: Wild World Records
Release date: March 2010

Vivian Girls releasing a great record is so expected by non-haters that at this point it's like tires on a dumptruck, and with their latest single they've churned out two more should-be hits with the help of King Tuff himself.

"My Love Will Follow Me" has done something the songs on Everything Goes Wrong did not do: it takes the girl group harmonies and surf-inspired riffs we've all come to expect from the girls and adds something new to the mix without watering down their can't miss formula.

And what is it that's new? Cassie adds mellow organ parts that will remind you of many of your favorite 60's pop standards or, more recently and locally, some of Gringo Star's earlier songs. The girls also clap along to the chorus of this well-crafted nod to days when simple pop songs like this one ruled the rock and roll world.

The flipside is the band's cover of The Chantels' classic "He's Gone" that has offered as a download across the blogosphere for some time now, and the harmonies sound as beautiful as they did when I posted a link to the song back in January. What many of us didn't know when we were digging this song back in January is that King Tuff (a.k.a. Kyle Thomas) plays guitar on the track. Thomas also recorded both songs at a place called Battleboro House Cartoon. A place called that has to have an interesting back story, right?

One spin of each song will make you realize Thursday cannot come soon enough, as that's the day Vivian Girls and Thomas' newest band, Happy Birthday, will perform at 529 along with Wet Dog and Gold Ghost.

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