Saturday, March 6, 2010

Predator headlines raucous night of local punk and hardcore

Last night's show at 529 featuring local punk powerhouses Predator and Bukkake Boys and relatively new acts Ralph and The Bums did not suffer from a lack of attendance or audience participation despite the fact that Man Or Astroman? were performing to a packed house in nearby Roswell.

The Bums kicked things off, as this group of Savage Pizza employees put on a surprisingly good show. They look and sound like they would have opened at 688 instead of 529 if the older guys in the band had hooked up a couple of decades earlier, as their mix of classic American influences like The Stooges and Johnny Thunders reminds me a little of some of the older Atlanta bands I have been digesting lately. There were a couple of familiar faces in the band, including one of The Luchagors, and they had a lead singer who acted batshit crazy and freaked out middle age women and large metal dudes alike. I, for one, would love to see this guy in a less-controlled house show environment.

Ralph was on second, and they played no frills hardcore with angry lyrics and no idle chatter in between songs. The pit came alive for the first time during the set, and the crowd was only getting warmed up.

Bukkake Boys played next, and they showed no stage rust from their recent hiatus. Ralph was unquestionably awesome, but Bukkake Boys were faster, louder, and angrier. Their energy was swiftly channelled by the audience, which led to stage diving and a giant plastic trashcan getting tossed onto the stage and then back out into the crowd. It was crazy. It was bedlam. It was motherfucking punk rock in its purest form. The next time Bukkake Boys play at the tiny 529 venue, go. It'll be the best 21+ hardcore show you'll see in this city. If you're under 21, get a fake (just kidding) or keep an eye out for Wells Street Warehouse flyers.

Predator closed out the night with yet another strong set. The grown-up hardcore kids who likely came out to see Ralph stuck around the whole night, and they were not finished having a rowdy good time. Mike, Brannon, and John provided the perfect soundtrack for the last round of poetic chaos in motion.

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