Sunday, March 7, 2010

Reading Rainbow split with a future hype band

Artist: Eternal Summers/ Reading Rainbow
Title: Summer Reading
Label: Chimney Sweep Records
Release date: 2009

Here's another release worth owning by the newest band I champion, Philadephia's Reading Rainbow. It's a split from last year with Eternal Summers, an indie pop duo that have all the tools to become one of this year's hype bands.

Eternal Summers, a guy/girl two-piece from Virginia, are my favorite new discovery since I first heard the other band on this split 7". They play dreamy, beach-inspired indie pop that's stripped down out of necessity and not as a musical statement. That is to say I think this band will sound more polished when the big indie labels come calling before the end of the year.

On this release, both members split vocal duties. Nicole, the guitarist, sings lead on the entrancing "Secret Language" and while drummer Daniel sings the equally beautiful "Electric Blue". Mixing beach vibes with psychedelic pop qualifies as a trend by this point, and Eternal Summers are as good at spreading sun and fun as anyone.

The Reading Rainbow side begins with the stripped down arthouse punk of "Be Who I See" and ends with a real gem in "Be My Sunrise". The latter is a beautifully bizarre amalgam of 60's pop, The Velvet Underground, and comparable new bands like Brilliant Colors. This is less bare bones than the other Reading Rainbow recordings I've heard, as there is an organ solo, though primitive drumming is still the band's backbone.


Anonymous said...

i believe the seconds eternal summers track is called electric blue.

7inchatlanta said...

Fixed. Thanks for catching that for me.