Monday, March 29, 2010

Well worth $15

Pictures courtesy of Kevin BourkeIt took someone who truly is senational to get many of us to shell out $15 and leave us believing we had gotten our money's worth. King Khan and his Sensational Shrines were up to the task, partly due to assists by The Fresh & Onlys and G.G. King.
G.G. King, as I have said before, seem to land all of the good shows. They've played locally with Jay Reatard twice, both of King Khan's touring acts, and Pierced Arrows, just to name a few, and I would not be surprised if they are curtain-jerking for that Spits/Nobunny show this summer. I'm not complaining because 1) I always have a blast when I see those guys, 2) Greg is keeping it fresh by consistently cranking out new songs, and 3) they always seem to have their best shows when the place is packed to see the headliners.
Though several of my friends had namedropped them recently, I knew next to nothing about The Fresh & Onlys before seeing them live. They were superb, as they have that surfy vibe that's becoming prominent down to a science. Plus, it is way cooler when people who actually live near the beach (see also The Splinters) are the ones whose sound screams sun and fun.
When the Shrines hit the stage, it was like the circus had come to town. One of the most charismatic figures in game was joined on stage by a cheerleader, horn section, and a tight-knit group of German musicians.
As a history student and music nerd, I think it is great to hear a group that embraces both soul and black gospel music, since both genres are branches off of the same traditional African American music tree.
I had heard most of The Shrines' recorded output, I knew they would have a cheerleader, and I knew Khan was a fan of sequins and shark teeth, but I did not expect the on-the-back keyboard solos. What a way to wrap up an awesome three-day stay in town!


Adam said...

Holy shit this was awesome!

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