Thursday, April 1, 2010

Adrian's alter-ego eats dog food

Artist:The Barreracudas
Title: Dog Food 7"
Label: Bachelor Records
Release date: Early 2010

The Barreracudas' sophomore effort is more than just a novelty single, as the sometimes absurd lyrics are just one element of a couple of really cool songs that mix the pop sensibilities of Gentleman Jesse with the lo-fi fun of Nobunny.

Upbeat a-sider "Dog Food" finds Adrian Barrera singing from the dog's point of view. The dog version of Adrian may be picky about dog food brands, but at the end of the night his animal instincts kick in and he's chowing on Tampons and your homework.

If pets could front bands, our dogs and cats would probably want to be in a fun party band like The Barreracudas since they spend a lot of time hearing our record collections. Imagine, for example, the punk and metal awesomeness this dog has digested:
The flipside, "Diet Coke", is a slightly more serious pop song about thinking you might get lucky, and then the girl you are with orders a diet soda at the bar. Adrian mentions going to see Gentleman Jesse in the song, and I'm guessing the setting is The Brickstore Pub and not about an actual Gentleman Jesse concert since Adrian and Barreracudas guitarist Warren Bailey are 2/3rds of Jesse's men. If it is set at a concert, then you should have given the girl one of your drink tickets if she's too cheap to get a rum and coke. Geez.

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