Monday, April 12, 2010

Dum Dum Girls continue to dominate, or the real reason I've been so high on cassettes lately

Artist: Dum Dum Girls
Title: "Blissed Out" cassette
Label: Art Fag Recordings/Sub Pop
Release date: 2009?

This cassette, which you can still get from Art Fag Recordings, is already a rarity if you stubbornly want the Sub Pop version because Dee Dee and friends are on the right end of some well-deserved hype.

You've probably heard several of the 11 songs on this cassette, but not like this. "Hey Sis", "Catholicked", "Put a Sock In It", and "Brite Futures" sound equally brilliant yet noticably different with cassette tape hiss than they do with vinyl pops and crackles, so hearing them in a different format is a valid reason to track this one down.

There's a few songs that are new, or at least I had never heard them. The first song on the cassette, "Ship of Love", downplays the dreariness of most Dum Dum Girls standards and instead plays up Dee Dee's 1960's pop influences. "Mercury Mary" has a title that makes me think of David Bowie and a sound that is reminiscent of Black Tambourine. The cassette ends with a couple of quality tracks that had not been on my radar called "Longhair" and "Dream Away Life".

Speaking of Black Tam, "Throw Aggi Off The Bridge" is my favorite track of theirs, and Dee Dee must like it, too, as an effective cover of the song appears on the A-side. Other covers on this cassette are an amazing garage rock version of Delta 5's first single, "Mind Your Own Business", and a take on "Let It Be Me" that sadly sounds more like "Where Do You Run To?" played at the wrong speed. That should not be a surprise, though, as Frankie Rose wrote "Where Do You Run To?" and she was drummer in the original live version of Dum Dum Girls, so Frankie and Dee Dee probably have similar taste in music and have probably listened to their favorite records together at some point.

For more about Dum Dum Girls, check out this neat interview with Dee Dee and a live show download I found on Philadelphia's Girl About Town blog.

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