Monday, April 12, 2010

Facehugger show tonight

Go see this tonight if you get the chance, because Paul, Jaye Marie, and Dave Magnum from Facehugger have lots of new jams.I'm currently listening to that Dum Dum Girls cassette (they cover "Throw Aggi Off The Bridge"!) and its cover art is naughty, so I guess I'll be posting more tits very soon.

That's why I get for giving DDG top priority over that Zap Cassettes Sampler I still haven't reviewed, right?


Cool Kid said...

Ahh, so naked titties get first dibs on cassette reviews? Well, a man's gotta have priorities...perhaps you can get around to that ZAP sampler when you're done self-abusing?

7inchatlanta said...

I seriously should review the ZAP sampler before the Dum Dum Girls LP arrives in the mail. Where's it at, HOZAC?