Friday, April 16, 2010

Making a time-tested formula less sweet and more weird

Artist: Burning Yellows
Title: "Urinal Cakes" b/w "Drought
Label: HoZac Records
Release date: April 2010
Vinyl color: The first 200 were gold and came with a special sleeve different from the one shown here.

A girl-fronted, fuzzed-out, and organ heavy pop group from the hotbed of hip that is Portland? What else could you ask for?

Burning Yellows deliver on the oddly named track "Urinal Cakes", as it sounds like a psyched-out Frankie Rose composition. "Drought" ironically sounds like a shower of guitar noise is trying to drown out the vocalist, making it the kind of post-punk song that is too noisy to be a dance sensation and too abrasive to be a love song.

This band, like Wet Dog, takes a time-tested formula and makes it a little less sweet and a lot more weird. There should be more bands like that.

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