Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A new G.G. King 7", with 100 percent more subliminal messages!

Artist: G.G. King
Title: Babbling Voices
Label: Local Cross
Release date: April 2010

Almost lost in all the recent Mess Around excitement was this release by one of Atlanta's most consistent punk bands.

The A-side is "Babbling Voices", which has been in the G.G. King live repoitore for some time now and was one of the songs featured on the band's "Last of the Night Wiggers" demo cassette. I'm not sure if this is a fancied up version of the demo, which featured only King and bass player Chris Van Etten, or a different version featuring the full band. Either way, it's good enough that you'll wish you had babbling voices dictating to you lyrics and riffs like these.

The flipside, "Insomnia", is a furious number that, had it been released 30 years earlier, would be considered a hardcore song. Folks who check this out because of the Carbonas connections will be pleased with this one, as Greg has not sang this fast since the Euro Tour EP. For better or worse, those same Carbonaites have never heard Greg or his band descend slowly into what I want to believe is a Satanic subliminal message at the end. He's probably saying something about cheeseburgers. Or cross-eyed cats. Or Timmy Wormbutt.

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