Thursday, April 29, 2010

Not exactly Magnaminous

When a guy named Dave Magnum, known primarily for playing bass and keyboards with groups like Derek Lyn Plastic and Facehugger, wanted a new project in which he could play lead guitar, he wrestled longtime confidant and local Minister of Propaganda Bo Magnum away from his Baptist coloring book long enough to write three sometimes self-righteously angry and always light-heartedly hilarious punk songs intended to sound like The Dead Milkmen, The Spits, and Chrome having a knife fight by the banks of Armuchee Creek. Throw in Derek Lyn Plastic on bass and the rumored future involvement of Greg King (Carbonas, G.G. King, Frantic) on drums and you've got a pretty potent mix.

Magnums, like Armuchee, are not on the map, but they do have a Myspace page for those of you who still use that site.

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