Monday, April 19, 2010

Record Store Day: an alternative to Freaknik

Record Store Day was a blast, as I got all kinds of cool new music and saw one of my current favorites and some of my friends perform at a couple of different record stores.

I planned the whole day around getting to Criminal Records by 2 so I would not miss Those Darlins. When I got there, it was aroud 1 and my Bukkake Boys pals were about to plow through a brief set. It would not be unfair to say the Record Store Day crowd were by and large disturbed or, at the very least, confused by the Bukaake Boys' testosterone-filled brand of hardcore punk. I ate it up, as always, and so did a couple of high school kids. This one kid in particular could not have been a day over 17 and was having a ball. I hope he starts going to the Wells Street Warehouse hardcore shows, because we're all getting old around here and we need younger people to latch onto what's been happening in Atlanta for the past decade. It's a shame bands like Bukkake Boys have to play Criminal Records or someone's living room to really be seen by youngsters, because they are the kind of band I would have adored as a high schooler.

While Those Darlins were setting up their gear, I got in line to purchase the new Devo 12", a copy of We Fun, and exclusive RSD 7"s by Sub-Pop stars Dum Dum Girls and Happy Birthday. All of that aside from the movie should help beef up my internet radio playlists.

Those Darlins then played a fun set packed full of familiar tunes and some new songs they hope to record this fall for their second LP. Their best new one was about having a "fun stick party." It, like most of my favorite Those Darlins songs, was both cute and rocking. Expect a video or three from their set in the coming days.

By the end of Those Darlins' set, I felt I had done enough at Criminal. I had bought some awesome limited edition records, seen some friends perform, and watched one of my favorite out of town acts wow a packed record store on a pretend Capitalist holiday.

But the aventure was not over, as festivities had not begun yet at Reactionary Records. I arrived in East Atlanta in time to see sountrack music virtuoso Jeffrey Butzer:

Three acts later, my Facehugger friends unleashed their new lineup and sound. It was not their best show, but I do have high hopes for the new lineup. Derek Lyn Plastic recently recorded some stuff for them, and the track from those sessions that I have heard is a good one.

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