Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The rise of the cassette tape

It is 2010, and believe it or not a lot of the newer releases I would like to own, ranging from a Blank Dogs single to a Personal and the Pizzas compilation, are on cassette tapes. Most of us know vinyl never really went anywhere, so claims that it has been "brought back" are bogus. Still, there is no denying that vinyl, the 7" single in particular, has played a huge role in all types of underground music since early 2000's and was keeping bands like The Black Lips afloat long before the Best Buys of the world realized people would schill out $20 for a Metallica or U2 vinyl re-release. Why, then, is another format the mainstream would find outdated popping up on merchandise tables and on small labels' websites? I would say it is an economic decision on the part of the small record label or up-and-coming band, as tapes are cheap to make, and it is, dare I say, a fun trend for those of us who are on the consumer end of the chain.

What are cool places to get tapes on the internet? Well, there's Burger Records and Zap Cassettes, just to name a couple. Cassette releases range from stuff you have already heard by Nobunny and King Tuff to music you might not have heard by acts like Pinche Gringo.

For more about cassette tapes both in Atlanta and elsewhere in our little garage punk world, check out this.


Bad Idea Potluck said...

I joined this Death Bomb Arc tape club a few years back. I got a green mystery tape of weird experimental music in the mail every month. I loved it, not least because my car didn't have a CD player. Hm, but a lot of people I know don't even have tape decks. But then it's not that hard to get your hands on a little boom box. And probably worth it to hear the latest Blank Dogs.

7inchatlanta said...

I figure that while a lot of people do not have tape decks, plenty of other people have either an old stereo from a thrift store that includes a tape player or, like me, have one of those all-in-one units that look like an old radio.

squidchip said...

check out Scotch Tapes label out of Ontario. Al has released a lot of cool bands for limited cassette only releases. He does a great job and has some great connections.



I have been pleasantly surprised by a lot of these bands.